Good food requires good ingredients cooked with a sweet and timely process and served at the correct time to continue watering taste and nutritional value. Helios Technology likes a team of Michelin star chefs. We are experts in data management as a chef who can choose the right material this means your data with our data collection and management technique. Processing and analysis to obtain valuable information for you as for cooked and served by the chef at the right time.


Nobody wants to eat raw or rotten food. So do not wait to make your life easier and better with us. We wait to do it for you!


           With advances in technology and communication, we can do things faster, smarter. As a result, data is happening around us is huge all times. How do we manage and use that data to make our life more happy.


           Helios Technology is a company with the intention of finding ways to manage data. Since the data collection with the right process and technology.We question ourselves every day. How to manage data more easily. To get the right information at the right time with easier process for all people.So our work just base on rule take it easy easy and easy.


  • Easy to collect data via many key technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), GPS, telematics and telecommunication, wireless sensor network, mobile application etc.

  • Easy to organise your collected data with our software platform i.e. time line information service and traceability platform.

  • Easy to use with business intelligence report, information dash board and data analytics solutions


Our mission is to be number 1 in the information of things (ioT) company!