Helios Technology is a company that provides services for managing information technology for businesses and daily life. To make your life easier and happier with valuable information. These are the services that we deliver to you.

Study & Analyze


We provide analysis of your current business processes. To view the data flow within the system. Management style that you do in the present. To assess the appropriateness of the use of information technology management and for collect additional requirement, problem or solution that you need.

Information Design


A survey of business process and information in your current system. We'll bring it to the design is a valuable substances to apply to drive your business.

Data Collection


We provide services in the design process that is used to collect data from various systems. Using proper process to reduce the burden on the worker. And to obtain material suitable for further analysis.

​Data Analytic


After the raw data in the system already. We have analyzed the raw data that have been processed in various aspects, to achieve a useful and valuable information to you as possible.

​Software Customization


If the standard software can not meet the needs of your business. We have software customize service for compatibility with your legacy systems as well.

​Tools for Manage Data


We have different tools for use in storing and managing your data. Both the Software e.g. Time line information services platform, Traceability platform as well as hardware-based technologies for application in data collection technologies such as wireless sensor network, Internet of Things technology, GPS, Telematics and Telecommunication platform. Each technology will be used appropriately to meet in terms of budget and performance gain.

​Deployment & Training


The process will occur from the right solution and applied by everyone involved in the system. We focus on the installation and training so that users can use various technologies that are cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.